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Millicom returns to positive revenue growth - Q3 2017

Growth is coming back, and we are seeing positive momentum in our largest markets. Q3 2017 Results Call scheduled for 25 October, 1pm BST, hosted by Millicom CEO Mauricio Ramos and CFO Tim Pennington

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Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to have access to and be able to live The Digital Lifestyle. This series of four short videos helps to explain Who we are, Our World, Our Markets and Our Investments as we grow.

Enabling people to advance in life and find joy

As the leading Digital Lifestyle business across emerging markets in Africa and Latin America, we build networks, bring cable to homes and introduce people to the internet via mobile connectivity

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Why invest

Millicom is a growth story. We have grown revenues from US$666m in 2004 to US$6.2billion in 2016. We are uniquely positioned between high growth sectors of mobile, cable, social and content and have evolved from a high volume to high value business in the last decade. Ours is a strategy to build The Digital Lifestyle for more than 53 million customers, leading with the latest mobile, mobile data and cable technology, and to monetize it for our shareholders. We deliver long term growth for investors as we expand our networks, build HFC throughout our Latin American markets, and drive transformational change in the 13 countries where we operate.

Millicom facts

More than eight million homes passed in LatAm

More than 17,000 employees made up of 82 nationalities

Member of the Global Network Initiative

More than 53 million mobile subscribers in our markets

Know Our Strategy

Millicom is a growth story driven by entrepreneurs and innovation. As part of Investment AB Kinnevik (“Kinnevik”), a leading Swedish entrepreneurial investment group with investments across mobile telecommunications, e-commerce, entertainment and financial services, Millicom originated as one of the earliest pioneers in commercial mobile telephony 25 years ago.

What they're saying about Millicom

"Millicom added some 900,000 4G users in Latin America, and 400,000 of those came from Colombia. Ramos said this is the company's highest addition of 4G users so far." (Q2 2017 - BNAmericas)