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6/27/2017 - 5:29 PM
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Millicom is a growth story. We have grown revenues from US$666m in 2004 to US$6.2billion in 2016. We are uniquely positioned between high growth sectors of mobile, social and content and have evolved from a high volume to high value business in the last decade. Ours is a strategy to build The Digital Lifestyle for more than 56 million customers, leading with the latest smartphone technology, and to monetize it for our shareholders. We deliver long term growth for investors while expanding our networks, investing in the 13 African and Latin American markets where we operate and offering a range of services from mobile to mobile money to cable and entertainment.
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Millicom's range of mobile services, cable TV and broadband are available in 12 markets in Africa and Latin America, connecting people for the first time to the internet and making The Digital Lifestyle a reality for more than 57 million people. Explore all brands

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We build a digital future with world class systems for our customers and society; we monetize our growth for investors, and we have been delivering digital innovation for 25 years.