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Annual Report 2016

Creating Digital Communities: We've focused our efforts on delivering integrated digital reporting of what is material to our business, in line with our mission to lead the adoption of The Digital Lifestyle.

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Annual report Document type
AR 2016 Full Report PDF
AR 2016 Summary (Scroller) link
> AR 2016 Market Overview PDF
> AR 2016 Chairman's Statement PDF
> AR 2016 Business Model PDF
> AR 2016 How we manage our Corporate Responsibility PDF
> AR 2016 CEO Statement PDF
> AR 2016 Overview and Strategy PDF
> AR 2016 Measuring Progress vs Strategy PDF
> AR 2016 Performance PDF
> AR 2016 CFO Review PDF
> AR 2016 Regional Performance Review PDF
> AR 2016 Corporate Responsibility Performance Review PDF
> AR 2016 Governance PDF
> AR 2016 Financials PDF
Standalone Sections Document type
AR 2016 Standalone Financial Statements of Millicom International Cellular SA PDF
AR 2016 Corporate Responsibility Performance Tables PDF
AR 2016 Social Investment PDF
Law Enforcement Disclosure Report Document type
AR 2016 LED Report PDF
Videos Document type
Millicom Strategy Videos landing page link
Our Strategy Part 1: Know who we are link
Our Strategy Part 2: Know our World link
Our Strategy Part 3: Know our Plan link
Our Strategy Part 4: Know our Investments link
Estrategia Part 1: Conoce lo que Somos link
Estrategia Part 2: Conoce Nuestro Mundo link
Estrategia Part 3: Conoce nuestro plan de Acción link
Estrategia Part 4: Conoce nuestras Inversiones link
Millicom 25th Anniversary: The Digital Torch link