Millicom’s registered address is  2, rue du Fort Bourbon, L-1249 Luxembourg.  The registration number is B 40630.

Millicom’s shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX in Stockholm in the form of SDRs (Swedish Depository Receipts).  Each SDR represents one Millicom share.  The shares are also traded over the counter (OTC) in the US and on a number of MTFs (Multilateral trading facilities).

The stock symbol for Millicom’s SDRs is MIC and the ISIN is SE0001174970. The symbol for the ordinary shares that trade over the counter (OTC) in the US is MIICF and the ISIN is LU0038705702. 

Millicom reports in US Dollars (USD, US$).

Yes, Millicom shares do trade Over the Counter (OTC) in the US but not on a regulated exchange. NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm is the only regulated stock market on which Millicom is traded. 

Since NASDAQ OMX Stockholm became the primary listing, Millicom has been bound by the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and applies the ‘comply or explain’ principle on which the code is based. 

Millicom’s ordinary dividend policy is to pay no less than $2.00 per share and at least 30% of normalized net income. We have the ambition to progressively grow ordinary dividends.

The dividend is declared in USD. It is paid in SEK to holders of the SDRs and in USD to holders of ordinary shares. The dividend is paid net of Luxembourg withholding tax. Shareholders in the US are advised to refer to U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations document which can be found in the Corporate Governance section under AGM/EGM.

Millicom deregistered from the SEC in October 2012 following its delisting from NASDAQ in the US in May 2011 and therefore stopped filing regulatory documents with the SEC upon deregistration. Historical filings can be found in the Investor Relations section under Financial Results and Publications / Regulatory Filings. 

The results for the latest results can be found in the Investor Relations section under ‘Financial Results and Publications’.

The latest presentation can be found in the Investor Relations section under ‘Financial Results and Publications’. 

Millicom reports its financial results on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the Calendar in the Investor Relations section for the dates. 

Yes. You can download it from the Our Responsibility section >here