Millicom’s e-commerce business team is taking new products and services to millions of new customers and to different markets that fall outside our mobile telecommunications footprint. We are more convinced than ever about the potential for online services in Africa to grow strongly and leapfrog traditional retail.

Of the Maghreb nations, Algeria has a relatively small, recent online community. An estimated 14 per cent of the 38 million Algerians are connected online; fewer than in neighbouring Tunisia and Morocco. In 2013, only 15 per cent of all Algerian companies were online, and e-Commerce is limited by the lack of online payment platforms.

To address these issues, the Algerian government has pushed for increasing digitization of payments and services. The e-Algérie strategy is pushing for a cashless society and facilitation of online sales. With mobile phone penetration at nearly 100 per cent, the trend toward smartphone adoption will further increase potential e-commerce demand.

Entrepreneurs are beginning to capitalize on this novel market, as seen for instance in September 2013 with the arrival of Algeria’s first online grocery store, Superetti.

Sources: African Development Bank, agencies (wamda, algerie1, liberte-algerie) 


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