Transforming lives in Costa Rica

Tigo is a Costa Rican company with more than 30 years in operation under different brand names: the latest prior to Tigo was Amnet.

Millicom first invested in Costa Rica in 2008. In 2009, with the opening of the telecommunications market, Amnet became the first private company to provide services such as residential and business internet access, as well as data transport services.

This was made possible through winning a contract with the Network Access Point of the Americas (NAP). Amnet, now Tigo, has been able to build and develop a robust private fiber optic and coaxial network covering more than 80 per cent of the country.

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Connecting to the digital lifestyle

We promote digital inclusion by providing more dynamic and accessible products and services to our customers. Tigo is ranked Number 1 in cable TV, with Tigo Star taking 29% of the market share (more than 187,000 cable customers) and PayTV showing substantial growth in 2015 with bundled services as part of our commercial strategy.

We offer the largest selection of digital and HD channels and are the only company in the country that provides Video on Demand. 

During the year, we launched “Mi Tigo Star,” a customer service app that allows customers to view their account status, contact us, locate stores and collection points, and track orders with great adoption from our customer base.

We also launched a campaign with Netflix, offering Tigo Star customers a free subscription for three months. 

In May 2014, we introduced satellite TV (DTH), going beyond what is already the largest coaxial and fibre optic grid in the country, to reach every corner.

Tigo is also the second largest internet provider with 23% of market share, and offers the highest internet speed amongst competitors. We are also the only company that has interconnection with both the Arcos and Maya submarine cable lines.

Tigo Business is the country’s most important private supplier of corporate telecom services based on optic fiber. Growth in 2015 was strong and we expect to strengthen our market position in 2016 by launching more VAS, including video surveillance.

In 2015 we hosted our first Tigo Business Day. More than 245 customers attended, with relevant partners such as Google, Juniper and Avaya taking part and ten key speakers.

Boosting the economy

We have doubled our investment in Costa Rica in the past five years. In 2014 we invested 32.3 million US dollars. We directly employ more than 400 people, 95 per cent of whom are recruited locally.

We act responsibly and support Costa Rica’s goal of reducing the digital gap through actions that promote digital inclusiveness, transparency and involvement in initiatives to promote corporate responsible behavior.

Our annual Tigo Digital Changemakers competition plays an important role each year in finding creative entrepreneurs and fostering new technical innovations that can impact on society positively.

We share best practices and promote the role of business in Costa Rica’s development through La Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo (AED). We support the Quiros-Tanzi Foundation which takes ICT to rural schools and communities through the One Laptop per Child initiative.

Moreover, in 2015 operations opened for our Tigo Sales School in Costa Rica.

We also recognized the importance of employer responsibility and have in place a network of support programs for colleagues and partners, a commitment to diversity and to environmental best practice.

Acting Responsibly

In 2015, we led the creation of a National Committee on Child Online Protection, working with the Vice Ministry of Telecommunications and the local NGO Paniamor.

We hosted an industry-leading child online protection (COP) workshop in 2015, which brought together a wide range of high-profile stakeholders from government agencies, law enforcement authorities, regulators, non-profit organizations, and our peers to facilitate a discussion and build awareness on the ways in which children need protection and support to be safe online.

Through our responsible waste management program in Costa Rica, we recycled 10 tons of e-waste.