Millicom’s e-commerce business team is taking new products and services to millions of new customers and to different markets that fall outside our mobile telecommunications footprint. We are more convinced than ever about the potential for online services in Africa to grow strongly and leapfrog traditional retail.

E-commerce in Egypt has seen strong growth in recent years.

According to a recent Visa study, the Middle East and North Africa region is the fastest growing region in the world for online sales, and Egypt leads the pack, having generated 3.2 billion US dollars in sales in 2011. Roughly 44 per cent of Egypt’s 81 million people are internet users, and over 22 per cent of Egyptians use e-Commerce to buy products or pay bills.

Mobile phones are playing an increasing role in e-Commerce. Smartphone penetration is at 26 per cent and of these users, 41 per cent have made an online purchase via mobile. The rise in e-Commerce has been strong despite a very low two per cent penetration of credit cards and other barriers to processing online payments.


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