Transforming lives in El Salvador

Millicom first invested in Tigo (Telemovil) in 1992, turning the Salvadoran company into the country's leading mobile service provider, offering 2G and 3G networks as well as a range of innovative products and services that have extended digital inclusion to millions.

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Connecting to the digital lifestyle

Our business in El Salvador had a difficult year because of an aggravated social context due to a continued rise in violence and crime impacting economic activity. Despite these challenging conditions, we achieved growth in revenue driven by mobile data, fixed broadband and Pay TV.

Almost one million of Tigo's two million customers are now using Tigo Money, which makes Tigo El Salvador the market with the largest Mobile Financial Services (MFS) penetration in Latin America (Source: Findex). Tigo Money is El Salvador's largest bill payments company, with more than 600,000 bills paid per month via the mobile money platform.

In 2011, 86% of the population was unbanked. By 2015, this number had dropped to 66%.

Many who were previously unbanked are now securely able to access their money directly through Tigo, making transfers and payments from a mobile device, easily, quickly and safely, with no need to travel distances or stand in queues. 

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Tigo Star, which launched in 2014, is making cable TV, DTH satellite and broadband internet more affordable to everyone, and reaching into rural areas that lie beyond the range of fixed line cable.

As the leading provider of Pay TV, Tigo holds a 60 per cent share of HFC networks. Subscribers for this new home entertainment experience can pay for it directly through Tigo Money.

In 2015 we saw higher sales of bundled services combining TV and Broadband, as Salvadoran consumers begin to move their entertainment habits to On Demand content. DTH subscribers more than doubled.

Our 3G network connectivity has expanded to reach 63% of the total population with significant focus now on improving rural coverage.

Tigo Business, our solutions hub for voice, mobile and cloud that launched in January 2011, is growing as Tigo drives VAS and digital penetration tailored to SME’s and corporate customer needs.

Tigo Music gives our mobile customers access to music streaming, a choice of more than 30 million tunes, as well as an exciting schedule of live music events featuring national and international artists on stage.

Boosting the economy

Tigo has invested more than 300 million US dollars in the country in the last three years and is now investing at a rate of 1.9 million US dollars per week, in upgrades to network and service levels.

Tigo directly employs more than 1,600 people, 95 per cent of whom are recruited locally. The company employs a further 1,500 indirectly.

Each year, university graduates are taken on as management trainees, in order to foster young, homegrown talent, while the Tigo Sales School has trained 400 sales force staff since 2011 for long-term success in their careers through an eight-week training programme on business management.

Acting responsibly

We act responsibly in order to promote social and economic development throughout the country through health, education and technology. In 2015 Tigo and the non-government organisation (NGO) Unicef led a workshop on Child Online Protection with operators, national and international NGO’s attending that resulted in a commitment to promote COP nationwide. (Find out more)

We sponsor a program called Adopt a School, working with FEPADE/USAID, to provide internet services and equipment to public schools. With the non-government organisation FULSAMO, we train teachers in technology and internet use.

We have developed and launched health projects with organisations such as Community Well Being, so doctors from neonatal intensive care units (ICUs) at public children’s hospitals can be connected in real time to patient monitors and offer a more assertive response in cases of emergency.

We have helped with the UNDP's Habitat program to provide public sports fields, and are a major contributor to Aldeas Infantiles SOS (Children's Villages).

As a company that is committed to the health and safety of our employees, we observe high standards of corporate behaviour including anti-fraud, child labour protection, ethical procurement, electronic waste management and paper recycling campaigns.

In 2014, Tigo El Salvador was listed in a national survey as one of those most widely recognised for its corporate responsibility activities.

The Millicom Foundation in El Salvador

Recent awards (2015) include:

‘Empresa Amiga’ – Aldeas Infantiles SOS (for our contribution to the education on children and young people through access to technology)

Tigo Money El Salvador, Award for best MFS deployment in LatAm in M2Payment awards in 2015

Winner of best MFS deployment, Global Payment Awards in 2015