Transforming lives in Honduras

Millicom is a partner in Tigo Honduras (formerly Celtel, founded 1996) and is committed to investing in Honduras’ digital transformation through innovative products and services, extending digital inclusion to millions through 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 

Our premier mobile financial service Tigo Money has, since 2012, helped change the country’s financial landscape, providing financial services to many who did not previously have access to them.

In 2015 Tigo Money in Honduras crossed the 1 million active users threshold and is now one of three Tigo markets in Latin America to have done so. Worldwide, there are only 20 markets on this scale.

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Connecting to the digital lifestyle

Our Tigo brand is ranked the No.1 mobile service provider in Honduras, offering affordable mobile communications in voice, cable and satellite TV, broadband internet, and financial services to more than 62 per cent of the population, extending a wide range of innovative products to some of the most rural areas.

We plan to increase our cable footprint in 2016 and to push our B2B offering with a new data centre, M2M services and new post-paid plans for our business customers.

In December 2014, Tigo Honduras launched 4G hi-speed internet services for the first time. In 2016, 4G penetration is expected to reach four times the number of customers reached in 2015.

Tigo Money is expected to grow its commercial services in international remittances, and bulk disbursements in 2016.

Customer education initiatives are enabling more to adopt the use of mobile money, with more than one million active users now transferring money easily and safely from their mobile device.

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The Tigo Star brand is making cable TV and broadband internet more affordable to many and is now the second largest PayTV operator in the market, with more than 350,000 homes passed.

Tigo Business has undergone a transformation in recent months with significant growth in our SME customer base and renewed focus on customer experience and satisfaction. We provide the full range of solutions – voice, connectivity, and cloud.

SmartApps helped reduce churn to record lows in 2015, with digital adoption and a focus on world class ecommerce expected to boost further loyalty in 2016 as part of the Digital Lifestyle business proposition.

In 2015, five new Apps were launched. These were: Mi Tigo, Tigo Shop, SmartApps, Copeco App and Me Apunto. Data revenues continue to rise as a result of significant increases in smartphone penetration, while mobile voice remains the main revenue stream.

Boosting the economy

Tigo has invested more than US$300 million in the country in the last three years. In 2014 it invested at a rate of US$1.9 million per week in upgrades to the network and service levels. 

As one of the country's largest tax payers, Tigo contributed between four and five per cent of all taxes paid in 2014 and 2015, more than US$183 million annually.

Tigo is also an important source of economic development, investing in local talent, connecting people and building digital infrastructure. We employ more than 1,100 people, 97.2 per cent of whom are recruited locally. A further 1,400 are employed indirectly.

Tigo Honduras has a university graduate employment programme in place, to foster young talent while its Tigo Sales School has trained more than 4,800 people since 2012 with a curriculum built around learning sales techniques, customer service and motivation

Acting responsibly

Through Corporate Responsibility activities, we promote education through technology, collaborate on policies regarding electronic waste, assist with paper recycling campaigns and with reforestation projects, and maintain a strong code of conduct.

One of our main stakeholders is the Department of Education. We are part of the Allies for Education program and have developed a campaign to counter Cyberbullying.

As part of Tigo Honduras’ partnership role in education, we sponsor the tech competition “La Fabrica Smart.” We encourage young digital entrepreneurs to think up educational Apps and we provide workshops on digital innovation. In 2015, a winning entry went live with Me Apunto, an App to support volunteer networks across the country.

With Tigo Te Conecta in Honduras, we installed 178 broadband connections in 150 schools, enabling more than 80,000 students access to the internet, and more than 1,600 teachers to use technology in managing secondary education performance.

Tigo Money is aligned with local and international development organisations to promote the use of mobile money in disaster relief situations and among populations with special needs.

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and observe high standards of corporate behavior, including fraud prevention, protection of child labor, ethical recruitment and other measures.

Awards for 2015

CEMEFI award for best CSR practice in a publicprivate sector alliance receive for Tigo Te Connecta project