Millicom’s e-commerce business team is taking new products and services to millions of new customers and to different markets that fall outside our mobile telecommunications footprint. We are more convinced than ever about the potential for online services in Latin America to grow strongly and leapfrog traditional retail.

Mexico’s e-commerce industry surpassed six billion US dollars  in 2012 and is projected to grow to 13 billion by 2016. In Latin America, Mexico is the second largest e-commerce market, behind Brazil. Roughly 20 per cent of internet users are online buyers, forming a customer base of seven million in 2012.

Leading product categories for online shoppers are virtual goods, such as travel and event tickets. Physical good sales are lagging behind Argentina and Brazil. Future growth in credit card penetration and site security may help to boost e-commerce of physical goods.

Mexicans are increasingly using mobile devices for e-commerce, with almost half of online shoppers having made purchases through a mobile device in 2012.


The motor showroom, for buying / selling cars, motorcycles, trucks.


Online hotel and travel site for the best deals and perfect hotel.


The easiest, best-priced way to book safe cabs online and travel.


The food ordering service delivered to your door.


Real estate for property leaseholders, buyers and sellers.


Price compare and discover the latest, better deals.