Millicom’s e-commerce business team is taking new products and services to millions of new customers and to different markets that fall outside our mobile telecommunications footprint. We are more convinced than ever about the potential for online services in Africa to grow strongly and leapfrog traditional retail.

Home to 11 million, Tunisia has one of Africa’s highest internet penetration rates at 41 per cent. e-Commerce however is in its early stages due to limited commercial development and regulatory hurdles. Commercial websites account for only five per cent of all internet sites in Tunisia.

Estimates of e-Commerce range from 24 to 43 million US dollars (2012), with most spending in hospitality and leisure. These figures represent less than one per cent of total business-to-customer transactions. Harnessing latent user demand will grow Tunisia’s e-Commerce sector. A recent government study found 70 per cent of Tunisians would be willing to shop and buy goods or services online.


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