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Tigo Sports is building out world-class production facilities in Paraguay and Guatemala.

Tigo Sports is building out world-class production facilities in Paraguay and Guatemala.

Press release: TIGO Sports Paraguay 

(January, 2018) Millions of TIGO customers will be looking forward to more premium-quality coverage and entertainment than ever before this year with an action-packed sporting calendar that includes the World Cup, and significant new investment made in our new media broadcasting facilities in Paraguay and Guatemala.

In Asuncion, Paraguay, our sports-exclusive TIGO Sports channel has unveiled its all-new “Media House” facility [See VIDEO] dedicated to field and studio production, live coverage and 24/7 sports programming both in Standard and High Definition. Facilities include upgrades to satellite reception, microwave and fiber connectivity, as well as improved mobile broadcasting capabilities so our 170-strong team of sports-aficionado engineers, field producers and commentators can broadcast from anywhere in the country. 

In Guatemala, TIGO Sports has just launched its 100% HD signal broadcasting national and international sports content 24 hours a day.  

Master Control Room, TIGO Sports Paraguay

Master Control Room, TIGO Sports Paraguay

TIGO Sports, which first launched from Paraguay in 2014, is now available in six of our eight Latin American markets and has rapidly established itself as a leading sports broadcaster in the region, with several major football league sponsorship deals and secured ownership of exclusive rights to national fixtures. 

Its latest facilities usher in its first major brand refresh with new look-and-feel graphics - including advanced animations, contemporary images and lines, modular scenes - as well as new studio scenography, LED lighting, and program formats.

For football fans everywhere, the use of drones, goal-located cameras and well-rehearsed know-how when it comes to onscreen coverage means they get to live their passion at another level.  

In Guatemala, TIGO Sports acquired broadcasting rights in 2017 for seven football teams playing in the country’s major league. In 2018, the channel will be transmitting major FIFA events, with secured exclusive rights for this year's World Cup 2018 in Russia (14 June to 15 July).

Our mobile App ensures subscribers anywhere can watch their favourite teams, or sportsmen and women, at any time, taking part in local, national or international sporting fixtures, whether it's rugby, football, futsal, handball, tennis, table tennis, polo, athletics, mixed martial arts or fitness. 

Tigo SPORTS is a pure celebration of sport that provides millions of customers in Paraguay, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Bolivia with world-class coverage. To find out more, just go to your local TIGO store or look online for the website and click on TIGO Sports.