The age of affordable smartphones

We may not be alone in the mobile telecommunications business.

But, we are unique. We enable people in some of the most challenging corners of the world to benefit from mobile. In all but one of our markets, the most common way for people to connect to the internet is via mobile phone. 

We offer them a large and highly developed range of products and services that are tailored not only to individual markets, but to individual clients as well.

Their number keeps rising. We now have more than 57 million mobile customers, of which almost one in three uses mobile data to share information, access entertainment and enjoy music and video. 

In line with this demand for data - a segment whose revenue grew by 39 per cent in 2015 - we have seen smartphone sales soar and smartphone penetration increase from 23.9 per cent in our markets to 34.2 per cent (YoY to 2015).

As we learn from our customers and identify the trends rapidly taking shape, we are changing the industry landscape. In 2015, the World Bank recognised Tanzania as the global leader in mobile financial services, recognizing Tigo's contribution towards this achievement.

Tigo Music's catalogue of more than 35 million tracks ranging from grass roots to global music has become the most popular music streaming application in several Latin American markets, including Colombia, and is now launched in Africa. 

We know too that mobile means families and communities can communicate via phone for the very first time; small-scale farmers can access weather reports or latest market prices; entrepreneurs can take their business to places where no banks or formal financial institutions ever existed, and loyal customers can contribute to their health insurance policies with every text they send.

Our markets lie beyond the western economies. They may seem less familiar to some. But, to us, they promise dynamic growth potential, markets where our freedom to innovate is unlimited and where we can build original, exciting digital services for our customers there.