How we work with global brands

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July 2016: Millicom is proud to be a dynamic, leading player in bringing The Digital Lifestyle™ to our markets.

The customers whom we serve and the countries where we operate every day are transforming at a very rapid pace. 

To satisfy their fast-changing needs, we focus on driving and scaling up affordable and exciting innovations.

To compete, we must do this at speed.

The success we enjoy comes from our ability to spot an opportunity, identify new partnerships and find synergies that will empower our customers with the services and solutions that they want.

How our partners benefit:

We open the door to a market potential of more than 56 million mobile subscribers and more than seven million homes passed across our footprint, with middle class growing at 5% CAGR every year and driving growth.

We provide the most extensive distribution network in the countries we operate in. For example, in LatAm we have more than 700 thousands point of sale.

We own the billing infrastructure that simplifies how our customers pay for any of the services they choose to use.

We have Mobile Financial Services that provide an alternative solution to our customers to access financial and payment ecosystems in our markets.

Together these create significant new opportunities for existing and future partners to grow their business.

How our customers benefit:

Our partners’ digital services and solutions enable us to better provide our customers with what they want and need.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition, introducing ground-breaking innovations at an unprecedented pace.

We have developed business models that are beneficial for both the partner and us financially.

We are always on the look-out for new ways to drive digital penetration further into our markets, and for innovative new solutions and services.

So if you’d like to find out more about partnerships with Millicom contact us here at: 

We very much look forward to hearing from you.