The best seats in the house, every time

[VIDEO] TIGO's home entertainment launch campaign in Latin America

We want people to connect with and enjoy the rest of the world.

No matter how far away they may be.

For this reason, 2017 is an exciting year of transformation, change, and growth at Millicom.

Our cable build in LatAm is growing at high speed. We are connecting millions of homes to Tigo's entertainment portfolio of HD channels, pay-per-view and video-on-demand products and services as well as 3D and a multiroom service allowing access to channels on multiple TVs.  These homes are connecting to us via a growing number of devices and network services spread across mobile, broadband and fixed line.

As one of the largest pay-TV and broadband operators in Latin America we are building to keep up with demand.

Our long term goal is to reach 15 million homes passed and to achieve a two billion US dollar consumer cable business by end of 2017.  By Q3 2016, we reported 7.9 million homes passed against a year-end target of eight million. By Q2 2017 we reported 8.6 million homes passed.

Our stated ambition is to become the region's second largest cable TV operator outside of Brazil.

In addition, Tigo's Direct To Home (DTH) satellite services are taking market-leading TV and broadband services to places that lie beyond our fixed cable footprint and away from urbanised development, in Bolivia, El Salvador, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.

Tigo Sports, our own exclusive sports channel, has become the most viewed pay-TV channel in markets such as Paraguay.

As we are a customer-focused business, it is our mission to give our subscribers what they want, enabling them to explore further than ever before and to discover new worlds...

...brought to life, by Millicom.