Regional Market Overview

We are a market leading Telecom provider in Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Paraguay. Together, our Latin America markets contribute 86 per cent of Millicom's group revenue. In each of our markets, except Costa Rica and Nicaragua, we provide both mobile and cable network products and services. We have more than 32 million mobile customers of which 11.8 million are smartphone data users. We have launched 4G in all our markets in response to rapid demand. Our mobile data revenue grew organically in 2016 by 22.7%. Voice and SMS service revenue, our legacy business, fell by 15.2%.
We believe that Latin America is on the cusp of a new digital age, which will give us tremendous new opportunities. To maximise these opportunities, we are focusing on four key objectives: we invest in our network; we innovate digital services for our customers; we champion digital inclusion and responsible leadersihp, and we transform our business and the communities where we operate.

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