Our growing online partnerships

Millicom online offers unique insights into the digital future.

By 2013, developments in our online business represented almost a fifth of the group's overall revenue growth with some notable individual successes.

In Africa, one of our best retail sites - the online shopping destination Jumia - became the first African company ever to win a Best New Retail Launch of the Year award (World Retail Congress)

Brazil-based sites such as Kanui and Tricae experienced their best ever months in 2014, with the warehouses in Sao Paolo reporting that more than 4,000 orders were being processed 7,000 items shipped daily. 

Easy Taxi - the mobile taxi booking service - is live in both continents and expected to grow. In 2013 it reported monthly average increases in the number of rides booked of more than 50 per cent. 

Our online brands fall into four distinct categories: retail, marketplace, listings (classifieds) and services.  

By Q3 2014, we were partnered with online business in 28 different markets, in addition to activities within our Tigo mobile markets. These included launching into Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia, Egypt, Argentina, Chile, and to Uganda and the Ivory Coast.

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