Tigo Smart: your own digital life coach

Affordable smart phones with affordable data packages.

We see the huge and growing interest in smartphones as a critical opportunity on which to build affordable digital lifestyles. With this in mind, Tigo Smart was launched to promote and make our lifestyle choices easy.

How do we do this? By inviting people to explore. The Tigo Smart brand is constantly visible and active, online as well as on the road. Our smartphone experts give advice as well as individual guidance to help promote a better understanding of this life-changing experience. And we focus on value for money, offering customers a wide, affordable range of handsets, priced from $45.

Smartphone sales figures have soared as a result (we sold almost 4.5 million in 2014, with 1.6 million sold in the last quarter alone). So has the number of mobile data users - data revenue earnings grew by $200 million in 2014. Millicom's transformation from voice to mobile means that data users now comprise 27 per cent of our mobile customer base.  

Yet still less that one in four of our customers has a smartphone.

How do you get that first person to think about their smartphone experience?

We run a dynamic and highly popular events programme, taking Tigo Smart to every corner of our markets, offering people the chance to discover and understand the benefits and opportunities of smartphones first hand as they consider taking that leap into the digital lifestyle.

Through our Tigo's Smartapps campaign, we have introduced millions of customers to premium smartphone applications as part of their pre-paid data plan, opening up a whole new world of digital discovery.

We ask ourselves key consumer-led questions and answer them clearly, making sure Tigo Smart is best placed to advise and enable potential new customers.

Our special App advisor will suggest and recommend the best apps, products and services, as well as respond to the questions customers ask.

To us, Tigo Smart is a digital life coach. It is a popular brand that knows how to communicate with and support people who don't yet have smartphone access; as well as speak to the digital maestros out there whose appetite is always for learning more.