Tigo Star: enjoy the magic of content

Millicom launches Tigo Star to support growth strategy in cable and entertainment

In 2014, Millicom unveiled its striking new brand Tigo Star in Latin America to promote takeup of an exciting and exclusive range of broadband, cable and satellite pay-TV services.  

Following a spectacular launch event in Paraguay (see the video), Tigo Star has since gone to air in El SalvadorCosta Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Bolivia.

As a distinct new Tigo brand, Tigo Star highlights the broader range of services that mark Millicom’s transformation from voice to data and the digital lifestyle that brings the magic of great content closer to home.

Already a trusted name associated mainly with the mobile phone, Tigo's cable and entertainment services enjoyed a lower profile in seven Latin American countries up until now. Not any more.

With Tigo Star, consumers see Tigo in a new light: its name now appearing prominently alongside Hollywood film images, popular TV shows and events. Millions of viewers can associate Tigo both with great content as well as great content delivery platforms: high quality TV, crystal-clear HD and fast internet.

Tigo Star also supports the growth of our cable services following the purchase of local fixed-line companies in Paraguay and Bolivia and our Direct-to-Home satellite offering in Latin America. It will make bundled Tigo services even more attractive to consumers.

In Paraguay and Bolivia these now include Millicom’s first 24-hour television channel devoted exclusively to sport -  Tigo Sports