What makes Millicom tick?

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Everyone has their limits, but not everyone accepts them.

Millicom is a growth story driven by entrepreneurs and innovation. 

As part of Investment AB Kinnevik (“Kinnevik”), a leading Swedish entrepreneurial investment group with investments across mobile telecommunications, e-commerce, entertainment and financial services, Millicom originated as one of the earliest pioneers in commercial mobile telephony 25 years ago.

We have since grown our revenues to US$6.25billion and are now uniquely positioned in frontier and emerging markets between the high growth sectors of mobile, social and content. (See our Market Overview)

Our strategy is to build and monetize The Digital Lifestyle. It is a thorough yet simple strategy.

It retains absolute focus on four pillars: providing leading digital services; monetizing mobile data and building fixed networks; implementing operational efficiencies, and acting responsibly in the communities where we operate.

Over-arching our strategy is the ultimate transformational goal - to become a customer-centric organisation, delivering on the fast-paced expectations of increasingly digitally-sophisticated consumers.

• Lead digital: internally, we will leverage our digital transformation to become a much leaner operation. For our customers, we will continue to innovate and partner with other digital players to offer our customers the best services and local content

• Monetize data and build cable: we build cable; home residential and B2B and we are focused on reconfiguration our revenue, creating a lighter, more digital organisation which will deliver increased cash flow sand in turn Total Shareholder Returns (TSR)

• Deliver value: as we embrace our digital transformation we are reconfiguring our business to create a long term efficient and sustainable cost structure. Reconfigured revenue, lighter and digital organisation will deliver increased cash flows and in turn TSR.

• Act responsibly: do business the right way and drive positive change in the societies where we operate.

Though our markets are still relatively new from a telecoms and digital services perspective, we apply our knowledge and expertise to grow as responsible leaders in this modern, rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our growth story has plenty more to tell

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