What makes Millicom tick?

Everyone has their limits, but not everyone accepts them.

Millicom is a growth story driven by entrepreneurs and innovation. 

The company is part of Investment AB Kinnevik, a leading Swedish entrepreneurial investment group with investments across mobile telecommunications, e-commerce, entertainment and financial services, and is proud to have been one of the earliest pioneers in commercial mobile telephony. [VIDEO: The Digital Torch / TIMELINE: Our History]

We have grown annual revenues to more than US$6.25billion and are now uniquely positioned in frontier and emerging markets between the high growth sectors of mobile, social and content. (See our Market Overview)

Our vision is to enable people to advance in life and find joy.

Our mission is to lead the adoption of the internet and Digital Lifestyle.

 To help us fulfil both, our business strategy (see our Strategy In A Nutshell) is to monetize data and to build cable.

To succeed however takes enterprise and innovation as well as long term investment; these are central to our way of thinking.

Where others see challenges - low internet penetration, low digital literacy, poor infrastructures and unserved or underserved populations - Millicom sees huge opportunities ahead. (See our Market Influences)

We consider access to, and use of, the internet to be a basic human right, and roll-out new products, services and business strategies at pace to further connect the unconnected and build a user-friendly digital ecosystem that customers can rely on. (See our Key Performance Indicators

Our roadmap for 2017 and beyond takes us towards wider digital and financial inclusion, greater penetration, more interoperability and innovation, along with responsible social investment and successful network-sharing partnerships.

Though our markets are still relatively new from a telecoms and digital services perspective, we apply our knowledge and expertise to grow as responsible leaders in this modern, rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our growth story has plenty more to tell.

© Millicom Annual Report 2015

© Millicom Annual Report 2015