New study reveals Millicom’s economic footprint in Latin America

A commissioned Socio-Economic Impact Report examines closely how our Tigo brand is bringing global knowledge and foreign capital to Central and South America. Country-by-country infographics available to download

In Celebration of UNICEF's Universal Children's Day

Children and adolescents are the future trendsetters for our industry, our future talent pool and co-workers, as well as our future customers. We are the company that protects connected children and helps connect the unconnected ones in a safe manner!

Q318 Trading Results: Our LatAm cable expansion is accelerating

"Our strategic focus on 4G and cable network deployment continues to deliver solid organic growth, and this leaves us well on track to meet our goals for the year." CEO Mauricio Ramos

Building the digital highways that connect people, improve lives and develop communities

Digital connectivity for tomorrow’s world…

Millicom's integrated Annual Report 2017 (#AR2017) combines corporate responsibility and financial reporting to provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of our business.

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Why invest

Ours is a powerful story of transformation and growth. We have grown revenues from US$666million in 2004 to US$6.02billion in 2017 and now hold unique positions across high-growth B2C Mobile, B2C Home and B2B sectors in all our markets. Our strategy is clear and simple: we build high-speed data networks, both mobile and fixed. We deliver long-term growth for investors as we expand our high-speed networks and drive transformational change in the countries where we operate. Our purpose is to build the digital highways that connect people, improve lives and develop our communities.

Millicom facts

More than 9m homes passed in Latin America

More than 18,000 employees made up of 82 nationalities

Member of the Global Network Initiative

50.8 million mobile subscribers in our markets

Know Our Strategy

Millicom is a growth story driven by entrepreneurs and innovation. As part of Investment AB Kinnevik (“Kinnevik”), a leading Swedish entrepreneurial investment group with investments across mobile telecommunications, e-commerce, entertainment and financial services, Millicom originated as one of the earliest pioneers in commercial mobile telephony 25 years ago.