Blending Acquired Operations into Tigo With Openness And Respect

Our People

The integration of almost 3,000 new employees from Cable Onda and Telefonica in 2019 came with both opportunities and inherent risks and challenges. To ensure the mergers succeeded, we formed an intentional strategy that included the following steps:

  • Launched a new Business Integration Office, comprising people of various nationalities from the new entities and Tigo, that worked with HR and other key delmost partments to create a values-driven process based on transparency, balanced representation, equity and fluid communication
  • Took the time to get to know the countries and the new employees and to learn from each other through interviews and meetings
  • Hired external advisors Spencer Stuart and Boston Consulting Group to help us evaluate the skills of managers and executives from Telefonica alongside those of current Tigo employees with potential to take on leadership roles in our merged operations
  • Created a steering committee that reported to our CEO and was charged with ensuring we built leadership teams with the right levels of cultural diversity, local market knowledge and understanding of our core business objectives

Ultimately, we believe this thoughtful process enabled us to create teams with an optimal blend of strengths coming from both sides and to retain a high percentage of key executives from the former Telefonica operations.