Fulfilling Our Corporate Responsibility

Millicom’s purpose is at the core of our corporate responsibility (CR) actions, and always has been. We channel the power of technology delivered through our digital highways into programs that create life-changing opportunities for people and transformative economic, social and educational benefits for communities. We also work with teams across the company to reflect CR values such as environmental stewardship, integrity, inclusivity and respect for human rights in every facet of our business.

Our CR Reporting

Our CR Framework

Anchored by Millicom’s core purpose, our CR Framework spans five CR Fundamentals within our business and three Responsible Leadership in Action pillars to benefit children, women and communities. Across each of these areas, we have set a Five-Year Plan with specific goals for measuring our progress.

CR Fundamentals

The first element of Millicom’s Corporate Responsibility Framework involves what we believe are the prerequisites for the health of Millicom’s business and the societies where we operate. CR Fundamentals are core to Millicom’s purpose, culture and relationships. They guide our employees on how to conduct business in the right way. Our CR team collaborates with business units across the company to help ensure Millicom is conducting business in ways that maximize our positive impact, manage risk, reduce costs and build lasting trust with key stakeholders. The consolidated approach we launched in 2019 and accelerated over the past year is generating strong results across all five areas of our CR Fundamentals.

Our Responsible Leadership in Action

The second element of our Corporate Responsibility Framework focuses on the promotion of a safe and productive adoption of the digital lifestyle by the company’s customers and the communities where we work. Responsible Leadership in Action programs channel the power of our products and the talents and passion of our employees into three initiatives that empower women, protect children and connect communities. These are the areas where we often see the most profound opportunity gaps that prevent people from thriving in the digital realm.

They are also the areas where we and our stakeholders believe our company is best positioned to make a distinctive impact.