New Life for Old Electronics

CR Fundamentals

WHERE: All our Latam operations

WHAT: Retrieving equipment that can be repaired and reused in our network or recycled, to reduce waste and save costs.

HOW: Through our reverse logistics and E-waste recycling program, we recover Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) as customers upgrade or discontinue our service. Our Five-Year Plan for CR Fundamentals set a target of recovering at least 78% of CPE by 2023 through 3 “R”s:

  • Reduce the need for new pieces of CPE and thereby avoid the cost and energy consumption associated with manufacturing new equipment
  • Reuse items recovered from customers due to service termination or upgrade
  • Recycle as much of our CPE as possible at the end of the useful life.

When these approaches are not feasible for the whole piece due to obsolescence or deterioration, we work with vetted waste management providers to appropriately dispose of any remaining materials.

Reverse Logistics
Results in 2019

of units retrieved from disconnections
tons of CO2 emissions avoided
tons of plastic waste diverted from landfill
million cubic meters of water saved
million capital expenditure savings