Many people in our markets live in remote villages with minimal infrastructure. Bringing coverage to these areas often requires more than just commitment. It takes a healthy dose of Sangre Tigo.

In 2021, we traveled through forests, up mountains and over dangerous roads to install new cell towers and bring coverage to underserved communities across Latin America.

Thanks to our efforts:

More than 400,000 Panamanians received mobile and digital coverage through 179 new coverage points. Out of those, 150,000 received connectivity for the first time, including 70,000 people in the Guna Yala and Ngöbe-Buglé regions, which have a multidimensional poverty index of 91%.

2,205 sites were updated and 1,296 sites were deployed in Colombia, expanding our coverage area by 13,000 square kilometers—an area 36 times the size of Medellin.

Each project helped close the digital divide a little more for residents by giving them access to social, educational and economic opportunities previously out of reach.