In Latin America, roughly 70% of citizens are unbanked or underbanked, excluding them from traditional finance systems. Our Tigo Money digital wallet provides a much-needed alternative—one that’s well suited to Latin America’s young, increasingly digital population.

In 2021, Tigo Money made major strides in making financial products and services accessible to more customers.

In July, we announced a plan to invest $250 million in Panama to build a regional fintech center and expand local infrastructure. The hub will boost Panama’s economy and bring jobs to the country, while allowing us to grow Tigo Money with in-house resources—a win-win for customers and investors.

We also began creating more opportunities for consumers to use Tigo Money. This includes making QR code payments available to customers and initiating partnerships with key players to improve our value proposition for our clients.

With Tigo Money, we’re empowering people to participate in local economies while also strengthening our presence in Latin America. At Tigo, doing good is good for business.