Caring for our communities is fundamental to our Sangre Tigo culture. So when the COVID-19 vaccine became available in Guatemala, local Tigo employees and leadership jumped at the chance to make it as easy as possible for the public to get vaccinated.

In partnership with the Social Security Institute, employees from across the company designed, installed and launched a public-facing vaccination center within two days at the Tigo Plaza in Guatemala City.

Nearly every department had a hand in the effort, including Tigo People, Marketing, Administration, Supply Chain, IT, Operations and Physical Security. The center is conveniently located near several residential communities, giving local residents access to the vaccine without having to travel to a nearby medical center.

The campaign was an unqualified success.

With the help of more than 95 Tigo volunteers, 2,833 members of the public received their first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine.

Tigo Guatemala received more than 2,000 messages of gratitude from the public, with 99% of the vaccinated themselves giving the campaign high marks.

2,833 Guatemalan citizens vaccinated at our Tigo volunteer-led vaccination center in the Tigo Plaza.