Our business is dedicated to expanding access to technology which connects and transforms people’s lives in a responsible manner. We are committed to educating children on the productive and safe use of digital technology, and the people who raise them day in and day out: their parents, teachers and caregivers.

Sustainable Development Goals and Millicom’s Goals

Digital literacy, education and the reduction of poverty are significant SDGs. Our goal is to leave no one behind in the global Digital Revolution, including children - the digital citizens of the future – so that they can safely enjoy all the benefits the digital world brings.

Through our Regional Flagship Program for Protecting Children known as ConectateSegur@, our volunteers and partners work with local governments and educational institutions to train teachers and parents on the risks as well as the safe and productive use of technology using materials and tools prepared by subject matter experts. Through our digital centers in schools and communities, we also prepare children and adolescents for higher education, future jobs and the changes that we will experience as a result of artificial intelligence by teaching them robotics, programming and coding skills.

Between 2019 and 2023, we aim to reach: 700,000 children and adolescents, 70,000 teachers and 200,000 parents and caregivers with our programs. To date, we have reached 368,138 children and adolescents, 20,373 teachers, 44,431 parents and caregivers.

Broadening our Impact on Child Rights: Our Partnership with UNICEF

We leverage our network, resources and skills with UNICEF’s subject matter expertise on Child Rights and network of local stakeholders to maximize positive impacts on the lives of children and adolescents.

Our partnership has yielded several signature projects:

  • • MILLICOM and UNICEF jointly developed an impact assessment tool which evaluates how telecommunications’ products and services impacts Child Rights and facilitates the creation of action plans to mitigate impacts and maximize opportunities: the Mobile Industry Child Rights Impact Assessment (MOCRIA) tool. The tool is open-sourced to the entire industry.
  • • Building on MOCRIA, we commissioned comprehensive scientific research in Colombia on the risks and opportunities associated with the internet and developed our Regional Flagship Program for Protecting Children - ConectateSegur@.
  • • With UNICEF, we launched a Help Line to provide abused children in El Salvador with professional resources that can help them overcome situations that are dangerous for their physical or psychological health.
  • • With UNICEF, we launched the ‘School of Influencers’ program which creates a nation-wide network of adolescent leaders who are actively involved in fostering behaviors that protect adolescents from harmful online and offline practices through education and engagement on an online platform hosted by Tigo Colombia.