The study includes various recommendations and highlights the potential generated by the reduction in spectrum prices to accelerate the deployment of telecommunications networks and the development of the digital economy. In addition, it provides data and perspectives from various markets, establishing practical suggestions for the economic recovery and digitalization of Latin America in the current landscape


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This study was commissioned by Millicom International Cellular and conducted between November 2021 and May 2022; it represents the author’s point of view.


About the Authors

Telecom Advisory Services LLC is a consulting firm with a legal personality registered in the state of New York (USA) with a physical presence in New York, Madrid, Bogota, and Buenos Aires. Founded in 2006, the firm offers advisory and consulting services at an international level, specializing particularly in business strategy development and public policies in the telecommunications and digital sectors. Its clients include telecommunications operators, electronic equipment manufacturers, Internet platforms, software developers, and the governments and regulators of Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru. In addition, the firm conducted numerous studies on the economic impact and planning of digital technologies for the GSMA, the NCTA (USA), Giga Europe, the CTIA (USA), the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, and the Wi-Fi Alliance. In the international organizations field, the firm has worked with the International Telecommunications Union, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Andean Development Corporation, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, and the World Economic Forum.


  • Raul Katz- PhD in Political Science and Management Science, MS in Communications Technology and Policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States), Master and BA, Communication Sciences, University of Paris (France), Maîtrise in Political Science, University of Paris-Sorbonne (France). Dr. Katz worked at Booz Allen & Hamilton for twenty years, as a Lead Partner in the Telecommunications Practice in the Americas and member of the firm’s Leadership Team. After retiring from Booz Allen, he founded Telecom Advisory Services LLC in April of 2006. In addition to president of Telecom Advisory Services, Dr. Katz is Director of Business Strategy Research at the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information at Columbia Business School (New York) and Visiting Professor at the Telecommunications Management Graduate Program at the University of San Andres (Argentina).
  • Juan Jung– PhD and MA in Economics, University of Barcelona (Spain), BA in Economics, University of the Republic (Uruguay). Dr. Jung is a Senior Economist at Telecom Advisory Services, LLC, specialized in econometrics and statistical analysis. In addition, Dr. Jung is Assistant Professor at Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid). Before joining the firm, Dr. Jung was Director of Public Policy at the Latin American Telecommunications Association – ASIET, and Director of the Latin American Center for Telecommunications Studies.
  • Fernando Callorda- BA and MA in Economics, University of San Andrés (Argentina). Mr. Callorda is a Project manager with Telecom Advisory Services, LLC, researcher affiliated to the National Network of Public Universities of Argentina and professor of Political Economy at UNLAM, where he teaches courses in finance within regulated industries. Before joining Telecom Advisory Services, Mr. Callorda was a staff analyst in the Argentine Congress and auditor with Deloitte.