The Future is Now

The digital transformation is happening

The COVID-19 global health crisis has impacted our lives, families, and communities, as well as, our lifestyle. The situation has opened the door for a new and prevalent digital way of life in our markets. For some, this is a brand-new concept: working from home, paying bills electronically, utilizing video platforms to connect with others, and more. For us at Millicom, the digital transformation is already a reality.

We started preparing for this years ago and today’s scenario has reinforced the fact that our digital transformation is not happening sometime in the future. It is happening right now. Today, we are able to offer the convenience of self-service and processing customer requests with ease and transparency in many transactions, without the need to leave one’s home. 

Joint efforts around the growing digital adoption

We have seen a strong acceleration in the adoption of self-service tools amongst our customer base in the last month. Just to share some key metrics:

  • We had 50% of our total monthly base use, at least once per month, our self-service apps to resolve their transactions.
  • Digital reloads are growing +25% MoM, especially in high denominations with some countries achieving double-digit penetration.
  • Digital bill collections grew +26% MoM, reaching almost 18% of total collections, with some countries around 30%.
  • eCare digital attention index achieved 50%, growing +25% MoM and is now one of our main support channels together with our help centers, “bot” and chats.

There is no turning back to the rapid adoption of digital tools and processes globally!

This is why we will continue expanding our digital capabilities.  We’re focusing on accelerating our self-service and self-management response to meet our customers’ needs with the goal of ensuring that every step of their digital journey is optimized and smooth.

Our Purpose remains

Digital advancement is imminent, yet our role and purpose remain the same. It’s simple: First, we were able to connect our local communities by providing them with educational tools, inviting them to join the digital economy, foster their productivity, as well as offering entertainment. Now that we have built this connection with our customers and communities, we will continue to digitalize our relationship and our interactions with them. The COVID-19 crisis just accelerated this process.

Martin Gallone
VP & Chief Digital Officer 
Millicom | Tigo