Success Story – Amazon Web Services & Millicom

As part of our digital transformation, we have partnered with world-class vendors that allow us to evolve faster and more efficiently, generating high-value solutions for our customers.

The following success story has been developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) around Millicom's digital transformation. AWS approached us to feature Millicom as a company that is successfully centralizing all digital developments to benefit all customers across our TIGO markets.
Our journey began in 2012 with our infrastructure solutions, but in order to evolve the strategic aspect of digitalization of the company, we recently partnered with AWS to take not only our infrastructure but also our applications to the cloud. A real operational and cultural change as defined by Javier Montenegro, in our Digital team.
What we look for with this platform is to improve the level of agility of our services and accelerate the pace of innovations, so that we are quick to develop digital solutions and applications for our customers, but at the same time guarantee that back-end processes are carried out correctly and efficiently.
Nowadays, as explained by Iván Prieto, we use more than 30 AWS products in the company that allows us to have all our digital developments centralized to provide a unified experience for all our customers, regardless of their country or the service they have with us. At the same time, it allows us to keep our independence and flexibility.
An example of this, as you will read from Andrés Cavallin’s comments is the payment gateway project, which makes it easier for our customers to pay for our services efficiently and in a few months already process 10% of our invoice collections. Another example is the digitalization of the activation process for new prepaid customers, which has resulted in greater levels of satisfaction.
I invite you to read the complete success story on Amazon’s website (SPA). This is yet another step further towards Millicom's commitment to give 1000% to our customers and internal users while thinking, acting and living digitally. 

Martin Gallone
VP & Chief Digital Officer