Tigo and Facebook offer free services in Colombia

Facebook's exclusive partnership with Tigo Colombia follows a new business model and supports a shared goal - to provide access to internet services for everyone.

14 January 2015: Millicom, Tigo-UNE in Colombia and Facebook have come together exclusively as part of a new initiative to provide more people with free access to basic internet services.

It is the third such partnership between Millicom's operations and Facebook in three years following the alliances formed in Paraguay in 2013 and Tanzania in 2014.

By enabling free access to a range of websites on key topics such as agriculturefarminghelp for victims of armed conflict and child protection, Millicom is supporting the objectives of Facebook's internet.org partnership - to ensure that nobody has to choose between internet access and food or medicine.

Few organisations or people are better placed to achieve this.

Millicom plays a unique part in bringing the digital lifestyle to emerging markets in Africa and Latin America. These markets include some of the least accessible regions on earth which is why it has pioneered similar partnerships in Paraguay and Tanzania.

In Colombia, Tigo has more than seven million customers in a country whose population exceeds 48 million. 

Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users globally.

Tigo Colombia's Esteban Iriarte said: "We know the more people connected to the network, the greater Colombia's progress will be, with better development opportunities for the country.

"That is the main reason for this alliance with Facebook through www.internet.org. The Colombians can have more opportunities for personal and professional development."

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg said: "Now, no matter where you are in the country, you can get access through Tigo and access these free basic services."

"Our hope is that through this partnership we will reach everyone in the country with these tools which
are some of the most important national priorities. We are really excited to be doing this with Tigo."

While both Millicom and Facebook serve large communities, it is estimated that at present only 30 per cent of the world’s population accesses the internet.

In Colombia, just over half the population uses the internet.

Since 2010, the government's response has been to find ways to grow the ICT sector, through its acclaimed Plan Vive Digital.

The plan's various initiatives are tackling four key challenges from within Colombia to universal internet connectivity: its perceived usefulness, the required network infrastructure, limited funds for investment and the purchasing power of Colombians.

Read the press release here.


The free data websites available through Tigo Colombia, in partnership with Facebook's internet.org, are:
Facebook www.facebook.com A social networking service
Messenger Download the app from iTunes or Google Play Mobile messaging app
Wikipedia www.wikipedia.org Free access free content internet encyclopedia
Accuweather www.accuweather.com Weather information
Girl Effect www.girleffect.org Website to empower and inspire women and adolescent girls
UN Women: Yo Aprendo www.unwomen.org Economic empowerment app
MAMA www.mobilemamaalliance.org Mobile phone health applications
UNICEF: Facts for LIfe www.factsforlifeglobal.org Essential information website to promote healthy childcare
UNICEF: Tus derechos www.unicef.com.co Child protection focused website
Mitula www.mitula.com.co Search engine for real estate, used cars and job offers
24 Symbols www.24symbols.com Digital book service with over 100,000 titles
Tambero www.tambero.com/es Farming website, agriculture, production and breeding
1doc3 www.1doc3.com Digital platform for medical information
Instituto Colombiano para la Evaluación de la Educación www.icfes.gov.co To improve quality of education for all
Agronet www.agronet.gov.co Agricultural news and information
Reparación Integral a las Víctimas www.unidadvictimas.gov.co Key information on programmes for victims of armed conflict