Feature Q&A - "Will Paraguay be able to hold down inflation?"

On April 6th, The Inter-American Dialogue published the article "Will Paraguay be able to hold down inflation?" featuring a Q&A with Millicom | TIGO EVP Chief External Affairs Officer, Karim Lesina. In the Featured Q&A Mr. Lesina highlights:

    • The importance of advancing digital payment tools, such as Tigo Money, spurring financial inclusion.
    • Paraguay’s potential is aided by  structural factors that sustain the country’s macroeconomic performance
    • Paraguay's strategic geographic location

The article includes the commentaries of Sebastián Acha, president of the World Compliance Organization and executive director of PRO Desarrollo Paraguay, and Andrea Picaso, general coordinator of the National Programme of Postgraduate Scholarships Abroad “Don Carlos Antonio López”.

To read the article, visit The Dialogue’s website.