Guatemala Child Online Protection

© Millicom. COP workshop, Guatemala City - March 2017

© Millicom. COP workshop, Guatemala City - March 2017

Currently, one in three internet and social network users is a boy, a girl or a teenager. Most of them are not aware of the risks behind these platforms, or have tools to protect themselves. TIGO Guatemala is launching an awareness campaign to make the Internet safer for children online.

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Guatemala City, 15 March 2017: A new initiative led by Millicom and TIGO Guatemala gets underway this month to support the increasing numbers of children and teenagers who explore the internet to do it safely and securely, as well as to raise public awareness of what can be done to make their internet experience safer.

The Child Online Protection (COP) Workshop took place in Guatemala City as part of a series of seminars and workshops across the region designed to bring more information and tools to the country’s decision-makers in their fight against potential felonies being committed online against young people and to ensure children can take full advantage of the benefits that access to the internet can bring them.

Currently, in Guatemala, more than 300 cases are under investigation that are related to cybercrimes such as sexual violence, human trafficking, extortions, sexting, grooming and cyber-bullying.

Through the coordinated work of government bodies and the private sector, several of these perpetrators are facing trial; 41 people have been convicted for child sexual abuse and human trafficking.

It is estimated that young boys, girls and teenagers make up a third of those using the internet and social networks, yet many are not aware of the risks involved, or have the tools to protect themselves.

Equally, parents and those working in education are often unaware of the dangers and protection measures available.

In Guatemala, Millicom has joined efforts with the GSMA (Global System Mobile Association) trade body which represents mobile operators worldwide, the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), Fundación Sobrevivientes, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and UNICEF, to address government officials, civil society representatives, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and national media on this pressing issue.

To close the workshop, mobile operators, GSMA and UNICEF, signed an Engagement Letter in order to promote safe use, among children and teenagers, of internet and social networks.

Watch this space for further updates, as TIGO Guatemala will be bringing new materials for children, parents and teachers to stay connected with more confidence.