mi.tv – making the most of your TV

Millicom has launched mi.tv, a free social TV application available for Android phones and a web app for smartphones, PCs and tablets in Colombia.

mi.tv revolutionizes the way users get guidance, information and inspiration on what’s airing on TV, follow shows, be reminded of favourite programmes and share the experience with friends. Users can tailor the service to their own taste and link to social media.

mi.tv recommends shows based on users’ preferences, requiring no more browsing around 300 cable TV channels to find inspiration: mi.tv will do this for you, so you never miss a thing.

Martin Lewerth, Millicom’s EVP for Home and Digital Media,  says “With over 20 million Facebook accounts and one of the highest pay TV penetration rates in Latin America, Colombia is an ideal market for combining social media and TV, in a single solution with mi.tv”.