Spotlight on Latin America Denver

Latin American and Caribbean cities host 80% of their overall population and deliver a combined GDP of US$4 trillion per year, according to the IDP. With an active and young urban labor force, growing at a rate of 3 million annually, there is an obvious case for collaboration, cross-sector action and state-private sector partnerships to foster digital investment, enhance connectivity and generate economic, social and environmental value.

Digital expansion will not be achieved in connectivity silos and requires an enabling framework with people-centered, investment-friendly strategies that stimulate innovation and partnerships across national and city governments, multilateral institutions and industry. Latin American citizens expect to engage with central and local governments, as well as with global markets, as digitally empowered entrepreneurs, professionals, service providers and clients. Cities need to be innovation hubs to attract, train and retain digital talent and allow entrepreneurial ventures to flourish, ensuring a greener, more resilient and inclusive future.

The Financial Times in collaboration with Millicom/Tigo are pleased to host Spotlight on Latin America: Unlocking the Potential of Future Cities to explore how collaboration across state and private sectors can ensure Latin American cities and communities benefit from digital ecosystems. The discussion will be focussed on how investments in technology and enhanced connectivity can reduce social gaps, generate employment and boost productivity in the region to leverage global and local opportunities.

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