Spotlight on Latin America

Latin America was severely impacted by the pandemic, yet has shown resilience and adaptability with GDP rising above forecasts. With half of the population between the ages of 10 and 19, the demographic dividend potential to leapfrog into sustainable development is high if the digital divide is addressed. Increased connectivity and digital inclusion have the potential to propel this growth and advancement.

Digital highways are the core infrastructure that can foster true prosperity, opportunity and inclusion. Scaling up connectivity and supporting the digital development for underdeveloped economies impacts all sectors: education, healthcare, financial, and services. Investment, cross country and sector coordination and state policy can remove barriers and ensure all reap the opportunities of a global digital economy.

The Financial Times in collaboration with Millicom hosted the Spotlight on Latin America Briefing to discuss how private and state sector partnerships can boost connectivity and ensure all communities can benefit from the opportunities of a global, digital economy. The discussion was focused on how connectivity will help Latin America achieve growth and accelerate sustainable development.

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