CNBC Africa on universal interoperability

Another African first. Vodacom‬'s ‪M-Pesa‬ has just joined our pioneering Tigo Pesa mobile money partnership in Tanzania and made our four million customers there the first in Africa to benefit from universal interoperability.

25 February 2014 : Tigo Tanzania's breakthrough success has set a new benchmark for interoperability between mobile money service providers in Africa.

Users can now transact with each other regardless of carrier, for the first time. Agreements like this elsewhere in the world of mobile finance are few and far between.

Media interest in Africa was immediate. CNBC Africa invited Tigo Tanzania's General Manager Diego Gutierrez to join its Closing Bell coverage.

Diego told CNBC Africa listeners: “Step by step we are moving towards more sophisticated services.

"I think this is a new revolution in mobile financial services. By generating this agreement, and subscribers being able to send and receive money from one network to the other, we are creating a bigger ecosystem and providing more opportunities for people to be able to access this service and obviously that drives financial inclusion. This is a major step for the economy."

NOTE: Tigo’s mobile money service has been shortlisted for an award at the GSMA annual global mobile industry event in Barcelona in March 2015.