We see opportunities to grow our B2B business

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We believe the small and medium-size business (SMB) segment in our markets represents a particularly attractive opportunity for our Tigo Business brand to grow.

Increasingly their commercial success depends on being connected, offering online distribution and sales channels, enabling web-based customer communications and service, and operating business-critical functions in the cloud.

As demand for our secure, high-speed business broadband services grows in line with wider economic growth, we are investing in Tier III data centers (VIDEO) and expanding our HFC networks. This allows us scope to offer a more complete suite of Information and Communications technology (ICT) services than before and to grow faster.

Our strategy is to selectively evolve our portfolio into ICT-managed services to avoid excessive fragmentation and operational risk while building Tigo Business and differentiating ourselves through our service model and frontline execution.

Driving digital connectivity so SMBs are better equipped for tomorrow’s world lies at the heart of our business.

In 2019, we focused on growing B2B adoption of our secure and reliable network capabilities. In the process, we increased our Net Promoter Score (NPS) among business customers by 9.6 pts from January to December 2019. More companies are choosing the communications, data center, cloud, and business continuity services that Tigo Business provides. Our fiber ring, which connects the 13 countries from the United States to Argentina and Chile, enables us to deliver high availability, consistent support, and greater resilience for multinational companies—leading to greater satisfaction for their customers.

Our offerings to small and midsized businesses (SMBs) also grew in 2019. Building upon the success of our first-ever SMB convergent offer that Tigo Business rolled out in Bolivia in 2018, we extended these capabilities to SMBs in
Honduras in 2019. For a fixed monthly price, customers can purchase a service package with internet, HFC, mobile, and cloud solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Accelerate B2B

2020 proved to be a watershed year for Tigo Business as companies in our markets rapidly pivoted their operations to enable working from home and serving their customers and clients through digital channels.

We rolled out extensive new cloud services and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities for our enterprise customers to keep their remote employees connected and productive. We also expanded our support for e-commerce, web-enabled communications and other digital commercial processes.

Many of our SMB customers were severely impacted by the mobility restrictions that were imposed in response to COVID-19, impacting our own financial performance in B2B during 2020. However, many other SMB customers needed to rapidly transition from in-person sales and service to digital
channels. We helped them launch new websites or expand existing ones—in as little as 24 hours—with online ordering, payment and fulfillment capabilities that allowed these smaller businesses to survive through the COVID-19 shutdown.

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Find out more about what Tigo B2B can do for you by visiting our Tigo Business webpage.