Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are ONE TIGO. We believe that our company and the communities we serve are stronger when they reflect people of all diversity who are accepted and valued.

We believe in building a culture where all employees can bring their best and full selves to work. Where we deploy diversity initiatives that support and provide a platform for everyone and where we promote education that connects the head, heart and hands.

We've implemented a comprehensive, company-wide diversity, equity & inclusion plan, allowing us to continue to value our differences and understand that diverse teams are the key to bringing innovative ideas to life. Our Diversity & Inclusion plan comes from company-wide input from a survey conducted in 2019, with results outlining opportunities for improvement, helping us develop the D&I framework based upon your feedback.

One of our Sangre TIGO pulses, We are ONE TIGO, outlines our inclusivity and unitedness organization-wide. We value our differences, and we are proud to come together to make an impact. Taking this to the next level, we created and distributed a D&I survey to better understand the landscape, uncovering areas for improvement and outlining our three strategic pillars.

1. We lead by example. We promise to work together to develop and promote inclusive leadership strategies, preparing our TIGO leaders to embrace inclusion and actively seek out differences as a way to recognize the individuality of each person, while encouraging others to do the same.

2. We ensure growth opportunities for all. We will continue to build a diverse workforce that attracts, hires, promotes and develops talent based on equal opportunities, supported by corporate policies and processes that are coherent with our ideals.

3. We listen to every voice. Our ultimate goal is for our entire TIGO family to feel supported and comfortable enough to be authentically themselves, expressing unique viewpoints in a safe workspace and sharing their insights to drive positive change.