Audit and Compliance Committee

Millicom's Directors have established an Audit and Compliance Committee that convenes at least four times a year and comprises a minimum of two directors. The Audit and Compliance Committee comprises four directors: Mr. Eliasson (Chair and financial expert), Mr. Churchill, Mr. Golan and Ms. Trevino.

This committee has responsibility to assist the Board in its responsibility for the robustness, integrity and effectiveness of financial reporting, risk management, internal controls, cybersecurity program, internal audit, the external audit process, as well as compliance with related laws and regulations; and to oversee the Company’s compliance program, standards of business conduct and related investigations, and to monitor the Company’s actions and resources in these areas.

The ultimate responsibility for reviewing and approving Millicom's annual report and accounts remain with the Board. 

Compensation and Talent Committee

The Compensation and Talent Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the compensation of the CEO and the other senior managers as well as management succession planning.

The Board of Directors, based on a proposal by the Compensation and Talent Committee, propose guidelines for remuneration to Senior Management to be approved by the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. 

The objective of the guidelines is to ensure that Millicom can attract, motivate and retain executives, within the context of Millicom’s international talent pool, which primarily consists of Telecom, Media and FMCG companies. 

Millicom’s Compensation and Talent Committee is chaired by Ms. Erenbjerg. The other members of the committee are Ms. Arnal, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Jaeger and Mr. Reynaud.