The Board of Directors

Millicom's Board of Directors has developed and continues to evaluate its work procedures in line with the corporate governance rules of the Swedish Code on reporting, disclosure and other requirements applicable to listed companies. The Board’s work procedures also take into account the requirements of the European Union and corporate legislation in Luxembourg to the extent they apply to the Company. >Our corporate governance


Board Member Year of Birth Joining Date  Committees
Audit and compliance    Compensation and Talent
Mauricio Ramos, Interim Chair 1968 June 2020    
Pernille Erenbjerg, Deputy Chair 1967 Jan 2019    Chair
Maria Teresa Arnal 1971 May 2023  
Bruce Churchill 1957 May 2021
Tomas Eliasson 1957 May 2022 Chair   
Michael Golan 1978 May 2023 X   
Thomas Reynaud 1973 May 2023   X
Blanca Treviño de Vega 1962 May 2023 X   

Portrait images of our Board of Directors are available to download for press and media purposes from each profile below.