Our Purpose is to build the digital highways that connect people, improve lives and develop communities.

We drive our business success through connections that matter. Connections that help individuals become part of the digital economy and businesses realize financial opportunities that would otherwise go untapped. And connections that contribute to increased productivity in the markets and communities where we operate.

As we create vital digital highways and connectivity, we lead responsibly to foster an environment where our employees, customers and communities can prosper and reach their full potential. We strongly believe that we can harness innovation to create a bright future in our markets. Our digital tools revolutionize and democratize access to technological breakthroughs that help communities overcome obstacles like poverty and lack of access to education and health care. When our customers and the communities in the countries we serve address these challenges successfully, we all benefit.

Sangre Tigo! 

The commitment and core values shared by the people who work for Millicom are defined by what we proudly refer to as Sangre Tigo. Sangre Tigo is the culture that unites 19,000 men and women behind our purpose and makes it come alive.