Corporate Responsibility in our Business Purpose

"We Build Digital Highways that connect people, improve lives and develop communities."


Building digital highways is fundamental to the socio-economic progress of the countries where we operate. It also fuels the ambitious strategy and goals that we have set for corporate responsibility (CR).

In 2018, after conducting a comprehensive materiality assessment with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), we developed and unveiled this updated Corporate Responsibility framework (see infographic below). We took stock of the work done and we have taken our approach to corporate responsibility to a new level. Across the organization, we have stepped up cross-functional collaboration and, for our stakeholders, we have adopted a straightforward model that demonstrates our core areas of performance.     

With Millicom and Tigo's purpose at its center, our updated framework defines our commitments to conduct our core business in a responsible way, to drive digital connectivity and become agents of positive change in our markets.

Our Corporate Responsibility Framework incorporates two core elements, each with their respective five-year goals:


When our communities prosper, we prosper