CR Reporting

Our aim is to have targets, measures, and transparent communication on our progress and challenges for all of our most material corporate responsibility (CR) issues.  

Our main means of communicating this is in our annual Corporate Responsibility report. We also publish quarterly updates together with our financial results.

Millicom Corporate Responsibility reports

2019 Annual Report GRI G4 Index
2018 Annual Report  
2017 Annual Report  
2016 Annual Report  GRI G4 Index
2015 CR report GRI G4 Index
2014 CR report  
2013 CR report  
2012 CR report  
2011 CR report (p.26) Annual report 2011


Millicom Law Enforcement Disclosure (LED) reports

2019 LED report [SPA]
2018 LED report   [SPA
2017 LED report  
2016 LED report    
2015 LED report    


Reporting in our markets 

Some of our country operations publish stand-alone Corporate Responsibility reports or Communications on Progress, as part of their commitment to the UN Global Compact. 

To access TigoUNE's Sustainability Report 2015 (Spanish), click here.

To access Tigo El Salvador’s latest COP report (2014), please click here

To access Tigo Bolivia's latest CR Report 2016 (Spanish), click here


Publicly available policies and voluntary standards adopted can be found here