With our purpose at its center, our new framework conveys our commitments to conducting our core business in a responsible way

Our business model for growth depends on driving digital transformation in the countries where we operate. The expansion of our network and the adoption of a digital lifestyle in emerging markets, provide unprecedented access to basic human needs such as education, work and health. When our communities prosper, we prosper.

Our Corporate Responsibility Framework has two core elements: 1) Responsible Leadership in Action, and 2) Corporate Responsibility Fundamentals.

Responsible Leadership in Action identifies the areas that differentiate the Tigo brand in our markets. Through our flagship programs, we emphasize our commitments to protect children online, empower women and connect communities.

Corporate Responsibility Fundamentals groups the areas that are a prerequisite for the health of our business and the societies in which we operate. Through our work in ethics, human rights, inclusion, supply chain risk management and environmental stewardship, we operate as responsible corporate citizens, and through our influence across the value chain, we aim to create a positive ripple effect in our markets.

We regard Corporate Responsibility as integral to our business and, consequently, as a fundamental part of our strategy. To find out more, go to CR Strategy 2017.

Full Corporate Responsibility reporting here.

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