Sustaining connectivity to our communities

Millicom Chief Executive Officer Mauricio Ramos commented:

“The second quarter of 2020 was one of the most challenging in Millicom's 30-year history, but we have responded quickly and decisively to the pandemic. Our primary goal has been to protect our employees and customers and to keep our communities connected during this time of need. The measures we have taken are paying off, as we have maintained or increased market share, preserved cash flow, and have continued to make progress on strategically important initiatives.

The lockdowns had a major impact on our mobile business, especially in those markets with severe mobility restrictions, but we are now seeing some easing, and most of our key performance indicators and our revenue improved in June as compared to April and May.

As we navigate through this crisis, we remain focused on advancing our agenda of the last several years: building a purpose-driven and client-centric organization that attracts a diverse and talented workforce inspired to do great things, the right way. Once again, we were recently recognized as a Great Place To Work, ranking thirteenth among all companies in Latin America, and the number one telco on the list.

Meanwhile, we continue to invest in our state-of-the-art broadband networks, including major mobile network upgrades ongoing in Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, and Nicaragua, and we are investing in the digital channels and tools that we need to delight our customers and reduce costs. We remain laser-focused on integrating our recent acquisitions, and we are on track to exceed our initial cost-savings expectations.

The ongoing pandemic presents many challenges in the short term, but I am more confident than ever in the long-term opportunity before us. As the premier provider of fast and reliable broadband in our markets, we are uniquely positioned to benefit.”

Spotlight on our markets - Tigo heroes


In this latest addition to our quarterly results video series, we invite you to take a look at our Tigo heroes throughout our Latin America operations. Who's a Tigo hero? We are referring to those dedicated Tigo employees, particularly the ones in the field who, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, have continued to go out to provide service to our clients, understanding the importance of keeping our communities connected during these challenging times. We are proud of them. We applaud them.

They are the living proof or our purpose of building digital highways that connect people, improve lives, and develop communities. Watch them in action and enjoy!

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