Investing in 4G/LTE networks

Manifesto: The Digital Torch 


In 2018, Millicom provided services to more than 50 million mobile customers in Africa and Latin America and increased the number of mobile data subscriptions to more than 21.2 million.

Our 4G networks now reach 50% of the population within our Latin American footprint. Yet whilst we continue to grow our 4G subscriber base of more than 7m there are significant further opportunities.

Our mission is to provide the best, most secure digital highways as first choice for customers in all our markets. Our customer penetration rates remain lower than in larger, more developed markets in Latin America and there is scope for further 4G/LTE network expansion in a region where there are relatively young and growing populations that have steadily increasing disposable incomes and purchasing power. 

For Millicom, this means more compelling data-centric products and services as well as the ability to offer more convergent services that include both mobile and cable services. As we transition from a prepaid transactional to a postpaid subscription model, building long term customer relationships has also become more important than ever.

In 2018, we updated our Corporate Responsibility Framework with renewed commitments to protect our younger customers online and directly address the gender gap that exists in low and middle income countries, empowering more women to use mobile technology, adopt mobile money programs and be part of a more inclusive society.

Our markets may lie beyond the western economies and seem less familiar to some. To us, they promise dynamic potential for growth, as places where we can connect more people, improve lives and develop our communities.

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