We provide connectivity to millions of customers through our services, enabling them to access the digital world, grow their businesses and integrate the economy through mobile financial services. 

Digital inclusion is what we seek every day by fulfilling our purpose, for a thriving, inclusive and resilient digital economy.

  • Almost 6 Million Mobile financial Services active users in 2022.
  • 12.6 million HFC homes passed in 2022.
  • 44.000 rural Panamanians in 31 communities of Ngäbe Buglé Comarca, the country’s largest indigenous territory received mobile and digital coverage for the first time in 2022.
  • We installed around 100 new sites with 4G 700Mhz coverage in urban and suburban areas in Colombia, bringing voice/mobile internet services to these communities for the first time in 2022.
  • 2,347 schools and public institutions were connected to the internet in Latin America in 2022, exceeding our set 2030 commitment with the OAS ICT Alliance.

Tigo launches program to mentor Latin American youth

Millions are born into cycles of poverty and violence in Latin America. But with the right role models and community support, we can disrupt these harmful cycles and give children opportunities to thrive.

In September 2022, we announced a joint mentorship program to support students and young professionals in Latin America in partnership with Glasswing, a non-profit organization that empowers individuals and communities in the region. The mentorship program will initially focus on supporting the Central American Service Corps Jovenes Lideres de Impacto (Youth Impact Leaders), a service-learning initiative originally funded with exclusive support from The Howard G. Buffett Foundation and Glasswing.

Working closely with the Partnership for Central America, its corporate members and the Central American Leadership Initiative, the program will initially mobilize hundreds of Tigo mentors to connect, inspire and lead young people to opportunities for internships, training and jobs. The program's goal is to build hope, enhance community pride and harness the power of youth to effect positive change.

The program was announced at a Glasswing gala to honor Tigo's contributions to the region. Tigo was Glasswing's first corporate sponsor 15 years ago.

Our Purpose in Action

In response to U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris's Call to Action, we announced plans to invest $700 million to expand and maintain our broadband networks in Central America.

In May 2021, Vice President Harris launched a Call to Action for Businesses and Social Enterprises to promote inclusive economic development in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador (the "Northern Triangle").

Through the Partnership for Central America (PCA)—an independent organization that coordinates private sector coalitions and projects in digital, financial, health, education and energy programs—participating organizations aim to send a signal of hope to over 15 million people across the region and sustainably address the root causes of migration by fostering economic opportunities in these countries.

As a member of the PCA, we announced in June 2022 that we will invest $700 million to expand our fixed and mobile broadband networks in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the next two years. The investment will boost our efforts to accelerate economic growth through increased connectivity, as broadband penetration rates in these markets are well below regional averages.

Digital and financial inclusion is a key focus area of the Call to Action. Its goals include expanding affordable internet access and increasing participation in the digital economy; facilitating access to financial technologies and capital for small businesses; and ensuring that the most vulnerable and likely to migrate have access to basic public services and economic opportunities.

As part of the strategic collaborations between PCA partners, we launched a joint mentoring program with Glasswing in September 2022 to support and harness the power of youth of the region. Through the program, Tigo volunteers provide mentorship sessions in public schools in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, furthering our commitment to contribute to our communities' growth through connectivity.