In a globalized, complex and interconnected world, the importance of looking beyond our direct impacts and into those of our supply chain cannot be understated.  We do business with over 7,500 suppliers of all sizes across all markets where we operate in Latin America and, through them, we have an indirect, yet far-reaching, societal impact, which we seek to consciously address to create positive ripple effects that impact our communities as a whole, through better services, fair labor practices and robust environmental stewardship. We aim to build long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial at Group and local level, and in accordance with all our legal and compliance obligations, to do business the right way.

We seek to work with businesses that understand and share our values and standards to promote our business purpose in every link of our supply chain. Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets core expectations in the areas of health and safety, environment, fair labor, ethics and compliance. As such, it is regularly revised to ensure its relevance.