Colombia Fact File available to download (PDF)



In Colombia, our strategy has been to build for the future, enhancing our convergence capabilities to provide long-term stable growth. We are adding 4G users, building our HFC network and connecting homes, improving bundling, differentiating our brand, and improving our internal operations in order to serve our customers more efficiently.

In Mobile, we added almost a million 4G smartphone data customers, a year-on-year growth rate of 98%, an acceleration over 2016’s year-over-year growth of 79%. 

4G smartphone data users now represent 26% of our B2C Mobile base and have contributed to driving data use up by 39% to 1.7 GB per user.

We continue to expand the reach of our HFC network in Colombia, with just over 612,000 additional homes passed and 93,300 new homes connected. In addition, the bundling ratio of our HFC customers has risen steadily in recent years as Revenue Generating Units (RGUs) growth of 15% has outpaced the growth in homes connected.

We also launched next generation television this year. Tigo ONEtv integrates traditional linear television content with leading streaming and video on demand platforms.

The service is the result of a partnership with

Service revenue declined by 0.7% year-overyear,
as we faced regulatory headwinds, but results improved in the second half, indicating that our strategy is gaining traction.